About us

Welcome to the website of Meble Foryś

We are producers of custom furniture for order, tailored to the needs and designs of our customers. We primarily produce kitchens, wardrobes, bathrooms and similar furniture.

We do not have minimum or maximum order quantities.

In our production we can work with a vast amount of different materials and finishes. MDF, HDF, Melamine faced chipboard, pre-veneered boards, veneered items, varnished goods, lacquer, oil, stained – Just to name a few.

What makes our company unique, is our continued focus on being a trusted supplier that can cater to widely different customers, materials and needs. Our flexibility allows us to produce several hundred kitchens for big projects, while at the same time producing a one-off high-end custom kitchen for a carpenter or private client. We greatly benefit from our diversified client groups and project, as experiences from either end of the spectrum is beneficial in different areas of our business. From the large project we have learned a great deal about effective production methods which in turn helps us being able to optimize production of our one-off interior projects. On the other hand, our high-end one-off projects, has taught us to be extremely detail oriented, which results in our attention to detail being the same, whether we are doing one very high-end kitchen or five hundred kitchens in melamine.

We try our best to create as little friction for our clients as possible. We will gladly be of assistance if you need help with designing the interior and making the appropriate drawings needed for items to be produced.

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